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Sushi Sawamashi
Sushi Sawamashi

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About Sawamashi Sushi

It is a journey of the senses. Chef Sawamashi through his years of experience has come to his own to embody the best of Japan, from using the sweetness of hinoki wood and bingo to tantalize the nasal senses to using the seasonal seas of Japan to bring forth the best of his culinary skills. 

The philosophy

​​​​​​​Sawamashi sushi restaurant in Singapore, We infuse traditional cooking techniques with his personal ingenuity to deliver omakase menus with a difference. Using the finest ingredients from all over Japan to produce natural yet distinct flavors, reflecting the ethos of Japanese culinary principles. Yet with each course, you can experience fundamental respect for distinctiveness with each act of slicing to the plating. Such that each dish is prepared quickly to deliver.

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