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BDO Solutions Architect
BDO Solutions Architect

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International Features

BDO Solutions is an architecture company, specializing in architecture, consulting, and construction quality supervision with a team of talented staff and employees. From our own visions and values to innovate better solutions for our customers, we take sustainability seriously. 

The logo must create a sense of sustainability, solidity, and modernity, symbolizing creativity and solutions.


About Logo
The star inspires the logo, and the image represents the solution and creativity, besides the shape of the icon being created in a hexagon shape which is also a sustainable structure, the diamond also has the same hexagonal texture. Logos with such shapes create a solid and sustainable modern feeling for customers. 

The icon also represents each brick in construction, although small, it is an indispensable component for a project, the image is consistent with our philosophy, of building core things from design to construction, and solutions for customers.

About Stationery
The identity set is especially inspired by the logo, with the use of most of the materials coming from paper, the techniques of stamping and embossing the logo create a neat and professional look for the brand.

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